Dr. Paul Lau
Specialist in Orthodontics

BDS (HK), MDS (HK), D Orth RCS(Edinburgh), M Orth RCS (Edinburgh), MRCD (Canada), FRCD. (Canada), FHKAM(Dental Surgery), FCDSHK (Orthodontics)

Dr. Lau obtained the Bachelor's degree in Dental Surgery in 1985 and a Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics from the University of Hong Kong in 1992. With more than 25 years of experience in orthodontics, he has treated a wide variety of orthodontic problems. He has a particular interest in early and digital orthodontics, including Invisalign appliance and Insignia technique.

Dr. Keith Leung
Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Dr. Leung obtained his Bachelor's degree in Dental Surgery with honors from the University of Hong Kong. Then, he went on to complete his specialist training and received his Master of Dental Surgery in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with distinction and Advanced Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He has a strong interest in orthognathic surgery and dental implants.

Dr. Kenneth Hui
Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry

BDS(Newcastle), MSC(UCL), FHKAM(Dental Surgery), FCDSHK (Paediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Hui obtained his Bachelor's degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Newcastle in 1981. He then received his Master of Science at University College London in 1989. Dr. Hui greatly enjoys working with children, which leads to his specialization in paediatric dentistry. He likes to think of new ways to make the dental experience for children a pleasant and fun one. Always welcoming patients with a smile, it is no doubt that he is well-liked by kids!

Dr. Anita Chan
Specialist in Periodontology

BDS(HKU)(Hons), MDS(Periodontology)(HKU), M.Paed Dent RCSEd, FHKAM(DS), FCDSHK(Periodontology)

Dr. Chan graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Hong Kong in 2009. She had also obtained her Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontology from HKU in 2015. With ample experience, Dr. Chan is an expert in the prevention and management of periodontal diseases. She is known for offering caring and reliable dental services to her patients.

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Freda So
Dental Surgeon

BDS(HK), BSc(Toronto)

Born in Toronto, Canada, Dr. So graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences from the University of Toronto. She came to Hong Kong to pursue her passion in the dental field at the University of Hong Kong. Since graduating, she has practiced at the Prince Philip Dental Hospital in the Department of Orthodontics and Paediatrics and private practices. She has a strong interest in dental implants, paediatric dentistry, and orthodontics. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling around the world and culinary treats.

Dr. Kelrie Cheung
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Cheung moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada, in elementary school. Her passion for dentistry developed at a young age due to her interest in arts and science. She later spent a few years volunteering as a dental assistant at the clinic of a paediatric specialist in Vancouver, with whom she went to Mexico for a missionary trip to provide free dental treatment to the underprivileged. She eventually decided to pursue her dental degree at the University of Hong Kong. After graduation, she has been in private practices providing dental care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Lois Law
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Law grew up in Malaysia before moving to Hong Kong to pursue a degree in dentistry under scholarship. Her motivation to join this field of work comes from having braces when she was young. She realized that one’s smile could be significantly improved by simple dental treatments. Since graduating from the University of Hong Kong with honors, she has been in private practices, providing comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. She has particular interests in digital orthodontics and CADCAM dentistry. Outside the clinic, she enjoys fitness activities ranging from cycling and running to weight lifting and yoga.

Dr. Teresa Ho
Dental Surgeon

BDS(HK), MDS(Paed Dent)(HK), M Paed Dent RCSEd

Dr. Ho obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Hong Kong. Following that, she also studied in Edinburgh and Hong Kong for two Master's degrees in Paediatric Dentistry. She pays extra attention to her patients' concerns and ensures that they are comfortable and pain-free every step of the way.

Dr. Pamela S.T. Ching
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Pamela Ching would be described as gentle and friendly by her patients. She has dedicated her life and career to study what makes faces authentically beautiful. She is also a mother of a 5-years old son, a yoga trainer, and a smile architect who believes in the far-reaching power of a genuine smile and loves watching patients blossom as they begin to express themselves with confidence.

Her goal is always to restore health as well as have an end result that is in complete harmony with the patient's unique face and personality.

Dr. Pamela graduated with her master's degree with First-class Honours from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and achieved her fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeon membership, membership in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. She also graduated with her dental degree from the University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Tim Tam
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Tam graduated as a dental surgeon from the University of Hong Kong. Following his graduation, he joined the International Dental Center/Orthodontic and Children’s Dental Center. In his spare time, he actively pursues knowledge regarding new technology in dentistry, with a special focus on CAD-CAM dentistry and orthodontics. Tim is a gentle, passionate, and energetic dentist. He has become a community care dentist, and he spends extra time outside of work providing dentistry for the elderly. For leisure, Tim loves to amaze the crowds with his skills in doing magic tricks. He also enjoys playing basketball.

Dr. Christina Chan
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has a love for art and crafts since childhood, and the intricate handiwork involved gave her a good foundation when pursuing her dental degree from the University of Hong Kong. Since graduation, she has been practicing in private practices, providing customized dental care to patients of all ages. She believes that oral health can greatly improve one's quality of life. The best reward for her is seeing a patient leave the clinic with a confident smile.

Dr. Phoebe Lam
Dental Surgeon

BDS(HK), MDS(Paed Dent)(HK)

Dr. Lam obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Hong Kong and continued her studies to receive a Master’s degree in Paediatric Dentistry there. She finds practicing dental care worthwhile because of the visible improvements in the quality of patients’ teeth. She goes the extra mile to make sure that all her patients’ needs are met.

Dr. Kieran Tsang
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Tsang obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Hong Kong in 2018. He demonstrates precision in his dental work and prides himself on his honesty and professionalism. He looks forward to building confident smiles with you.

Dental Hygienist

Mandy Lau
Registered Dental Hygienist

After obtaining her diploma in dental hygiene from the University of Hong Kong, Mandy has been working in private practices. She is highly experienced in treating children and anxious patients. Mandy is also our clinic manager, responsible for the operational excellence of our dental clinic.

Desiree Leung
Registered Dental Hygienist

Desiree excels as a registered dental hygienist. She is a cheerful person and has great enthusiasm for helping patients and maintaining their oral health.

Sammi Tse
Registered Dental Hygienist

As a registered dental hygienist, Sammi is extremely approachable and greets patients with a friendly face to ensure they are at ease during their dental visit.