Orthodontic Treatment for International School Students

Our center offers one-stop dental services for international students. We can arrange appointments and follow-ups that align with your child’s extracurricular activities and class schedule, so he/she can receive the most efficient and suitable dental treatment in a comfortable and safe environment here.

During your child’s visit, our orthodontist will examine your child’s jaws, lips, bite and teeth alignment, take clinical photos + X-rays/3D digital scans as records, and devise customized treatment plans (traditional metal braces/Invisalign clear aligner). We will discuss in length with you your children’s options so we can come up with what’s best for your child together. The length of treatment is adjusted accordingly to cater to the different needs of your child as an international student.


Orthodontic Treatment for Boarding School Students

Traveling between Hong Kong and overseas is essentially part of the usual itinerary of a boarding school student. With many years of experience designing treatments for students across the US, UK, Canada, etc., we are very familiar with scheduling appointments and follow-ups based on your children’s school schedule as well as arranging local dental support in case of any special circumstances. Our professional team of dentists will provide you with a customized orthodontic treatment plan (traditional metal braces/Invisalign clear aligners) for your children in accordance with their winter, Easter, and quarterly holidays.

To facilitate a smooth treatment process and minimize any stress that may have arisen during your child’s treatment, we will closely monitor his/her progress by arranging regular communication with you and your child.


Orthodontic Treatment for Local School Students

Having been established for over 25 years in Hong Kong, our center is highly experienced in providing comprehensive orthodontic treatment for local students. We can accommodate the needs of your children and their busy school life with flexible scheduling. This is why students having dental treatment, including traditional metal braces and Invisalign appliances at our center, are able to smile throughout the process amid tutorials, extracurricular activities after school, and any other future planning such as studying abroad.

Early orthodontic treatment can immediately address your child’s developing problem, improving teeth alignment issues and significantly reducing the complications of the case when the child grows up. During your child’s consultation, our dentist will perform a detailed check-up for your child and tailor-design a treatment plan based on his/her condition. As we care deeply about the entire journey of your child’s treatment, we are always ready to answer any questions you may have in mind, so you are informed about any aspects of your child’s treatment.


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